Context of A Book of fairs : Or, A guide to west-country-travelers shewing them all the fairs in these several counties following, viz. Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somersetshire, Dorsetshire, Devonshire, Cornwall, Glamorganshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire. Worecestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Hampshire. Which is any person hath occasion to go to any of these fairs, he may find them in this book, and the day of the month of each particular fair, and where they are kept: together with all the moveable fairs in the several counties aforefaid. As also an account of the number of the fairs in each county: the fix'd fairs in Gloucestershire are 65, the moveable fairs 18, in all 83. The fix'd fairs in Wiltshire are 75, moveable fairs 18, in all 93. Fix'd fairs in Somersetshire are 118, moveable fairs 30, in all 148. Fix'd fairs in Dorsetshire are 55, moveable 15, in all 70. Fix'd fairs in Devonshire are 115, moveable 45, in all 160. Fix'd Fairs in Cornwall are 90, moveable 32, in all 122. Fix'd fairs in Glamorganshire are 33, moveable 13, in all 34. Fix'd fairs in Herefordshire are 24, moveable 14, in all 38 fix'd fairs in Worcestershire are 17 moveable 9 in all 26 fix'd fairs in Oxfordshire are 36, moveable 17, statute fairs for servants 12, in all 65. Fix'd fairs in Berkshire are 43, moveable 15, in all 58. Fix'd fairs in Hampshire are 49, moveable 16, in all 65: the whole 1002. to which is added, the names of the Market-Town in the 13 counties and the days of the week on which each market is kept, being of great use to all chapmen and trading people the thirteen impressions, collected by J. Bridges of Chippingham, in Wiltshire, in the 61 year of his travels, (electronic resource)



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