Context of The schoolmaster's assistant : Being a compendium of arithmetic both practical and theoretical. In five parts containing, I. Arithmetic in whole numbers, wherein all the common rules, having each of them a sufficient number of questions, with their answers, are methodically and briefly handled. II. Vulgar fractiones, wherein several things, not commonly met with, are there distinctly treated of, and laid down in the most plain and easy manner. III. Decimals, in which, among other things, are considered the extraction of roots; interest, both simple and compound; annuities, rebate and equation of payments. IV. A large collection of questions with their answers, serving to exercise with a few others, both pleasant and diverting. V. Duodecimals, commonly or did cross-multiplication; wherein that fort in arithmetic is thoroughly considered, and rendered very plain and easy; together with the method of proving all the foregoing operations at once, by division of several denominations, without reducing them into the lowest terms mentioned. The whole being delivered in the most familiar way of question and answer, is recommended by several eminent mathematicians, accomptants and schoolmasters, as necessary to be used in schools by all teachers who would have their scholars thoroughly understand, and make a quick progress in arithmetic. To which is prefixed; An essay on the education of youth; humbly offered to the cosideration of parents. The twenty sixth edition. By Thomas Dilworth. Author of the new guide to the English tongue, young book-keeper's assistant, &c. &c. and schoolmaster in wapping

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