Context of Curiosa arcana: being curious secrets, artificial and natural. : In three parts. Containing, in the first part, Choice receipts to prevent or cure the plague, agues, fevers, and all other distempers incident to man. Secrets in Japanning, painting, and varnishing, so as to imitate marble, Jasper-Stone, &c. To dye skins a sine black that never fades. Secrets in hunting, fishing, fowling, house-keeping. To cure diseases in horses, hogs, dogs, &c. To destroy all sorts of vermin in house or field. Directions to beautifie the face, and cure diseases in women and children. To make perfumes, cordial waters, snuffs, to preserve wine, with other secrets of that nature. To order gardens for fruit, flowers, &c. To make artificial pearl and jewels; also fire-works. Receipts in cookery, and to make Sweetmeats, &c. To take spots or stains out of linnen or woollen. To make divers forts of ink. In the second part, the art of moulding, and casting medals in lead, tin, silver, copper, plaister of Paris, wax, or otherwise, as well hollow as solid. In the third part, excellent secrets for beautifying and rendering the face lively and agreeable. With several choice and approved secrets for beautifying the body, in several particulars. Try'd and approv'd by the Sieur Lemery, apothecary to the French King. From the last edition in French; which contains near as much more as any other ormer edition. To which is added, a supplement of divers curiosities by the translator. The whole illustrated with copper plates, adapted to the several subjects

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