Context of A catalogue of the extensive, valuable, and superb collection of prints, books of prints, drawings, and miniatures, : Selected from the various cabinets which have been offered to the public during the last 50 years, uniting the collections of those-well-known connoisseurs Charles Chauncy, M.D.F.R.S. and F.S.A. and Nathaniel Chauncy, Esq; his brother; comprising the choicest works of M. Antonio, A. Durer, Hollar, Golizius, Rembrandt, Vischer, fine impressions after Rubens and Vandyke; scarce Dutch etchings, and the works of most of the modern masters. The books consist of the Dresden, Luxembourg, and other galleries; smith's works, 4. vols. Vertue's heads and monuments; Guerchino's etchings; by Bartolozzi; the works of count Caylous, 4 vols. Capt. Bailey's works, museum Venetianum, z Tom. Œuvres de le Bas, Picart's works, Le Clerc's ditto, Della, Bella, Hamilton's Vases, Hogarth, &c. and a large collection of English and foreign topography. Among the drawings will be found the best performances of the Italian, Flemish, and Dutch schools; and the miniatures, which are numerous, exhibit some beautiful pettitots, zinks, olivers, coopers, meyers, shellys, scoulers, &c. both in enamel and water colours. Which (by order of the executors of Nathaniel Chauncy, Esq; deceased,) will be sold by auction, By Mr. Greenwood, at his room, in Leicester-Square, on Monday, May the 3d, 1790, and thirteen following days, (Sundays excepted) at twelve o'clock

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